USC Price School of Public Policy

2014 USC Price Academic Awards

May 15, 2014

Undergraduate Awards

Class Valedictorian
Kurt Taillon

Etzioni Bianchi Community Service Award
Awarded to an outstanding graduating senior in recognition of excellence in community service
Shahryar Mathew Babadjouni

Emery E. Olson Award
Awarded to the outstanding graduating senior in recognition of excellence in scholarship and leadership potential
Camille Wu

Lewis Mumford Award
awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student in planning for the most outstanding essay in planning history
Vineta Moca , “Historic Site Analysis: 1349 South Figueroa”

USC Global Scholars
University-wide program, designed to encourage students to become outstanding world-citizens, while preparing them to navigate our increasingly-interdependent community
Jessica Friedmann
Todd Nguyen

USC Renaissance Scholars
Recognizes USC undergraduates who have excelled academically while pursuing at least two widely separated fields of study
Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel
Todd Nguyen
Brandon Phipps
Taylor Wolfson

USC Discovery Scholar
Recognizes students who excel in the classroom and display the ability to create exceptional new scholarship or artistic works
Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel, “The Art of Science”

MHA Awards

Master of Health Administration Outstanding Student Awards
Awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional promise in the areas of service, commitment, leadership, and advocacy

  • In recognition for excellence in leadership with the Student Health Council:
    Brent Costa
  • In recognition for excellence in commitment to the program and field:
    Natasha Tavokoli
  • In recognition for excellence in advocacy:
    Jeni La
  • In recognition for excellence in academic performance and service:
    Mark Domantay

MPL Awards

AICP Award
Awarded to student for outstanding attainment in study of planning
Alison Donegan Spindler

Gordon Whitnall Award
For outstanding academic achievement in planning
Bradley Harrison Hideki Furuya

California Planning Foundation First-Year MPL Student Award
Awarded to first year MPL student recognizing academic achievement and promise
Christina Lynn Schoppert

California Planning Foundation Graduating MPL Student Award
Awarded to a graduating MPL student recognizing meritorious achievement in MPL program
Bradley Harrison Hideki Furuya

Lowdon Wingo Prize
Awarded to a student in planning and development for exemplary academic achievement
Claudia Celene Preciado

MPL Comprehensive Examination Prize for Outstanding Achievement
Recognizes those who have earned honors on the MPL Comprehensive Examination

  • Economic Development:
    Stephen Robert Job
    Adrienne Claudia Lindgren
    Alejandro Sanchez-Lopez
    Steven Blaze Welliver
  • Preservation and Design of the Built Environment:
    Gabriel Antonio Barreras
  • Social and Community Planning:
    Katherine Robinson Bray
    Lyndi Michelle Vaughan
  • Sustainable Land Use Planning:
    Andrew Nathan Douglass
    Claudia Celene Preciado
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Planning:
    Jesus Herrera
    Renata Elizabeth Ooms

MPA Awards

2014 Haynes Award for Outstanding MPA Capstone Project
Willie J. Marquez, Kody J. McConnell, Eric Rubalcava, and Holly M. Shaftel
“Forward Thinking: Open Government Data – A Leadership Blueprint for the Future of the city of Los Angeles”
Prepared for: Office of Ron Galperin, Los Angeles City Controller
Faculty supervisor: Dr. Dora Kingsley Vertenten

Dr. Yan Tang Award For An Aspiring Local Government Professional
Awarded to the graduating MPA student who best exhibits the commitment, enthusiasm, and achievement meeting the spirit of service exemplified by Dr. Yan Tang
Jackson Morgan Hite

MPP Awards

Jane G. Pisano Award for Exemplary Community Service
Justin Galvan Tandingan

Robert P. Biller Award for Excellence in the Practicum
Maribel Garcia, Hovanes Gasparian, Aalok Mehta, and Shan Zong
“Health benefits of Biologically Corrected LED Light Bulbs”
Client: Pegasus Capital

Dollinger MRED Awards

DJ Moore Award for Exceptional Professional Promise
Mathew Keipper

MRED Program Distinction in Memory of Professor Rena Sivitanidou
Recognizes exceptional academic and professional engagement while pursuing the Dollinger MRED degree
Scott Moffatt
Marc Rasmussen

Comprehensive Examination Prize for Outstanding Achievement
Christian Santos

Doctoral Awards


John Dyckman Dissertation Award
Awarded to the graduating Ph.D. student in planning who has produced the best dissertation
Bryce Christopher Lowery
“Social Construction of the Experience Economy: The Spatial Ecology of Outdoor Advertising in Los Angeles”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. David Sloane

Henry Reining, Jr. Dissertation Award
Awarded to the graduating Ph.D. student in public administration/public policy who has produced the best dissertation
Keith Geoffrey Naughton
“Washington Gold Rush: The Competition for Congressional Earmarks”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Juliet Musso

Professional Doctorate

Doctor of Policy, Planning, and Development Best Project Award
Awarded to the DPPD graduate(s) who produced the best project
Dr. Erroll Gregory Southers
“Homegrown Violent Extremism: Designing a Community-based Model to Reduce the Risk of Recruitment and Radicalization”
Faculty Chair: Dr. Eric Heikkila


Sitti Safarah Memorial Award
Awarded to outstanding graduating IPPAM students in recognition of dedicated community service and professional promise in international development
Matthew Raymond Pech
Kharaam Sharifpour