USC Price School of Public Policy

Sol Price 100


Entrepreneur. Innovator. Social justice advocate.

Our school’s namesake, Sol Price, may be best known for revolutionizing the retail industry, but he was also a champion for social justice and equality throughout his life. He battled racism in the 1950s, advocated for fair opportunities regardless of income, worked to transform low-income urban neighborhoods through access to healthcare, affordable housing, and quality schools; and he engaged in changing national public policy. In all of these ways, he mirrored through personal example what our school has always worked to bring about in the world.

Guided by a strong moral compass, Sol Price embraced the same approach to all endeavors in his life: Doing what is right. Today, our faculty, students, alumni and staff continue to draw inspiration from the work of our namesake.

This 2016-17 academic year, we’re proud to commemorate Sol Price’s 100th birthday by celebrating his legacy through a series of school-wide events and programming where we consider our social obligation to do what is right. #SolPrice100

Commitment to Doing the Right Thing

Battling Racism in the 1950s
Sol Price battled racist practices in Texas in the 1950s by refusing a demand from a mortgage company for separate restrooms for African Americans in his store.


Advocating for Fair Opportunities
Sol Price worked tirelessly for fair public policies, believing it was simply wrong that a child born into less fortunate circumstances should be denied equitable opportunities to succeed.


Improving Urban Neighborhoods
Sol Price worked to transform the low-income neighborhood of City Heights, San Diego to provide greater opportunity for its families.


Engaging in Policy Change
Sol Price was an active board member for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and the Urban Institute.


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