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Athenian Society Member Honor Roll

Athenian Society

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions the following individuals have made to the Price School of Public Policy. By giving to the Athenian Society, USC Price’s premier philanthropic support group, they help to advance the mission of the school and support the endeavors of our students, faculty, and staff.

The Athenian Society gratefully acknowledges contributions made to the annual Price Guardian Awards.

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    Gifts to the USC Price School of $1 million or more qualify for lifetime membership
    John and Judy Bedrosian
    The Borstein Family
    Maribeth and Hal Borthwick
    David Dollinger
    Dennis Holt
    Michael and Linda Keston
    Ralph Lewis
    The Lusk Family
    Robert and Allison Price
    Stan and Marilyn Ross
    Leonard and Pamela Schaeffer
    Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Kristin Beard-King
    Leo and Ivy Chu
    John and Elizabeth Delahaye
    Emile Haddad
    John Jenkins
    Michael Lederer
    Kevin and Yvette McCarthy*
    Chester Newland
    Randall and Katherine Roger
    Wil Smith


    Don Cotton
    Rick Caruso
    Bill and Mary DeWitt
    Colleen Dilenschneider
    Alex Dillard
    Steve Gozini
    Murayama Family
    Deborah Reichling and David Endres
    Tito Tiberti
    Robert Rodriguez and Grietje Reuter


    Jerry and Christi Anderson
    Tony and Leslie Basalari
    Red Cavaney
    Dan and Rusty Chandler
    Stephen Chaudet
    I-Chang Chow
    Chad and Shauna Covington
    Phillip Dalton
    Dick and Bryn Debeikes
    Jay and Mary Fagnano
    William Curtis Farley
    Helen Faust
    Ted Fechser
    Richard and Janet Fell
    Ron Goldie
    Yoshi and May Honkawa
    Alan Kreditor
    Randall and Janell Lewis
    Anthony Manos
    Chuck Miwa
    Patrick and Rebecca O’Connor
    Christine Ofiesh
    Willa Olsen
    Chong Pak
    David Penchoff
    Dick and Melinda Poladian
    Mark Solit
    Brissa Sotelo-Vargas*
    Peter and Susan Trelenberg
    Chris Van Gorder
    Zhichao Wang
    Harry Zimmerman


    Steve Acevedo*
    Terry and Leslie Adams
    Carl Alameda
    Mark Alexander*
    Daniel and Patricia Arra
    Walter Bobkiewicz
    Erika Borg
    Lynn Busia
    Steven Cantrell
    Dan Cassidy*
    Deborah Castro*
    Maria Contreras-Sweet
    Nick Conway
    Courtney Criswell
    Bogdan Dziurzynski
    Nora Gaghinjian
    Preetindar Ghuman
    David Hayward
    Kathleen Hill
    James Holland
    Susan and Gary Kaplan
    Andrew Katersky*
    Joseph Kelly
    Robb Korinke*
    Allan Kotin
    David Kuehn
    Amy and Ed Levy
    James R. Lewis*
    Meghan Loper
    Michael Low
    Aaron Margulis*
    Judith Matsunobu
    Yvonne and John Pritchard
    Ellen Riley
    Patsy Rincon*
    Nancy* and Gregory Silver
    Charles Smith
    Elizabeth A. Smith*
    Berj Tashjian
    Anthony Taylor
    Mark VanDellen
    Nonie Velez
    Michael Vestino*
    Wendy Wang*
    William Webb
    Weissglass Family

    Young Professional

    Natalia R. Austin*
    Clay Busia
    Cody Busia
    Andrew Castro
    Imran Angelov Farooq
    Ben Feingold
    Stephen R. Job
    William Jocobs
    Pernell Jones
    Camilla A. Lovric
    Alycia McCarthy
    Theodore Minch
    Luz Reyes-Martin
    Veeral Shah
    Abel Sun
    Mengchen Sun
    Shane Swerdlow
    Rahim Amin Thobani
    Phillip J. Yang

    * Member of the Athenian Society Leadership Council



    The John Tyler Trust


    Jewish Communal Fund of New York – Donald and Barbara Jonas


    John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
    The Community Foundation
    USC Health Services of Administration Alumni Association
    Keenan & Associates
    Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
    Looking Beyond L.A


    Bel Air Investment Advisors – Darrell Kransnoff
    CA City Management Foundation
    Healthcare Financial Management Association of Southern California
    Jamison Services, Inc. – David Lee
    Leonetti/O’Connell Family Foundation – Cara Esposito
    MDS Consulting
    USC Alumni Associations