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Learning to Excel Academically and Professionally (LEAP)

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LEAP undergrad program

At USC Price, we believe it is our privilege to train the next generation of leaders who will tackle the important social, environmental, and urban issues of our day – and we take that charge seriously. We are deeply committed to providing students with the very best academic training; but just as important, we want to prepare our students to excel personally and professionally.

In order to do so, we must make a strategic investment in four specific areas that will contribute to our students’ lifelong success.

Learning to Excel Academically and Professionally (LEAP) is a $10M initiative that will greatly enhance undergraduate services at the School.

There are five components to the LEAP program:

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Get Involved!

Become a member of the Student Investment Committee.

Current Members of the Student Investment Committee:

  • Steve Acevedo
    Ryan Aeh
    Marissa Aho
    Eric Alegria
    Mark Alexander
    Winnie Lu Anderson
    Jennifer Bravo
    Brian Burdzinski
    Deborah Castro
    Dan Cassidy
    Leo & Ivy Chu
    Max Frank
    John Garrison
    Michael Gazzano
    Everett Allen Greer
    Kristine Guerrero
    Sevada Hemelians
    Aylin Iranossian Hemelians
    Yoko Jennifer Igawa
    Pernell Jones
    Andrew Katersky
    Michael Kawada
    Robb Korinke
    Derek Larsen
  • Jim Lewis
    Meghan Loper
    Michael K. Low
    Aaron Margulis
    Tessa Mazler
    Haggai Mazler
    Yvette McCarthy
    Alex McClain
    Stacy Rose Mungo
    Kevin Newman
    Aggie Nesh (Afarinesh)
    Ashley Nicholson
    Luz Reyes-Martin
    Chris Roche
    Yvette Shahinian
    Nancy Reguly Silver
    Elizabeth Ann Smith
    John Sonego
    Brissa Sotelo-Vargas
    Abel Sun
    Shane Swerdlow
    Douglas Tripp
    Julayne Austin Virgil
    Wendy Wang

For more information regarding the LEAP program, please contact Kristi Patton (213) 821-8182,, or Brent Watson (213) 821-8179,