USC Price School of Public Policy

Individualized Assessments and Consultation

LEAP individual assessments

To ensure USC Price students are positioned for success, the LEAP Program will provide every undergraduate student with a comprehensive assessment at the beginning of each semester of their freshman year (or junior year for transfer students) designed to identify any possible challenges or impediments that might prevent them from experiencing the full benefit of their education.

These assessments will not only screen for potential academic challenges, but serve to identify possible emotional or financial hardships. These issues could range from minor obstacles such as homesickness, to major financial hardships that might threaten to derail a student’s academic career. As problems are identified, students will be referred to the appropriate on-campus resource. By proactively screening and providing appropriate interventions for these issues early on, the LEAP Program will provide a critical safety net for Price undergraduate students, allowing students to build a solid foundation for future success.

In addition, the assessment process will also be used to help identify student preferences and interest in internship opportunities. Since all Price undergraduates are required to fulfill an internship during their course of study (we are the only program at USC that requires this!), we seek to place students in internship environments that will best further their vocational aspirations; with the information gleaned from the assessments, our Career Services office will be prepared to support them in this search for the ideal internship; further, we offer networking events, personalized services, and supportive educational Webinars to prepare them to success in their internship.