USC Price School of Public Policy

Lab Experiences

LEAP labs

To further encourage undergraduate students to explore new personal and professional life experiences, the LEAP Program will provide students with opportunities to participate in unique lab opportunities throughout the world.

USC Price is already a leader in offering undergraduate students unique off-campus experiences by allowing them to spend a semester in Washington DC, where students earn 16 units of credit and complete a professional internship. Such a professional experience is now embedded within the major requirements of the Price undergraduate degree, in which every student must fulfill a capstone requirement by either completing a thesis or an undergraduate lab.

The labs designed to tackle real-life projects and challenges for a real real-world client, giving students the ultimate professional experience. These labs will range from two weeks to an entire semester depending on the topic and the location.

Potential opportunities include: studying state politics at the USC Price Sacramento Center, helping to update the General Plan of a local municipality, studying the legislative process in Washington DC, or exploring international development opportunities in Hong Kong or Shanghai. USC Price intends to provide students with the opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives on current affairs, refine decision-making and problem solving skills, and possibly even develop new language skills.