USC Price School of Public Policy

Student Investment Committee


The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy has a well-deserved reputation as one of the top policy schools in the nation, and like all premier universities, the heart of our school is a thriving undergraduate program.

Our school’s undergraduate program is one of the most innovative and engaging in the country; the interdisciplinary nature of our undergraduate curriculum allows students to pursue a wide range of academic interests, preparing them for dynamic careers in real estate, health, public policy, or urban planning. Additionally, our students gain real-world experience through internships and a culminating capstone course that prepare them for success within a professional work environment prior to commencement.

However, an innovative and engaging undergraduate program is not enough to ensure that all of our students are prepared for a successful future. We must build a support network for all undergraduate students at the Price School, providing a wide range of resources available to help students overcome any obstacles they may face, whether it’s academically, professionally, or financially.

The newly established Student Investment Committee is critical to the success of this outreach effort. The Student Investment Committee is comprised of committed members of the Trojan Family who volunteer their time to support undergraduate students in their academic, professional and personal goals.

We invite you to support the Student Investment Committee at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy by purchasing a welcome backpack for a newly admitted undergraduate student. The backpack will include a complete roster of Committee members, including names, email addresses, brief biographies, and a welcome note encouraging students to contact committee members at any time – whether they need a mentor, or just a friendly face away from home.

Undergraduate students at the Price School come from a variety of backgrounds and personal circumstances – some may come to college with a strong support network, while others may be the first in their family to go to college. Whatever their situation, all students can benefit from additional resources and support provided by the Trojan Family. The Student Investment Committee will provide this network, allowing all undergraduate students at the Price School to reach their full potential, exceling academically, personally, and professionally.

To make a gift in support of the Student Investment Committee, please contact Caroline Bhalla at (213) 740-5134,, or Kristi Patton at (213) 821-8182,