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Instructions to make an online gift to USC Price

Please follow these simple instructions:

1. Select one of the three (3) options for online giving:

    a. I am making a new gift.
    b. I am making a pledge.
    c. I am making a payment on an existing pledge.

2. Click “Next Page”

3. In Section 1:

  • Check “Please direct my gift to a specific school or program indicated below”
  • Then, check “USC Sol Price School of Public Policy”
  • Do not check any other box unless you wish your gift to be split between two or more programs.

4. In Section 2:

  • Check the appropriate amount that you wish to donate to USC Price

5. In Section 3 and Section 4:

  • Please enter your information in the appropriate fields to complete your generous contribution.

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Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in making an online gift:

Melissa Bersofsky
Executive Director of Development
USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
(213) 821-8243

Thank you for your support of the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy!