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Tap the power of YOUR alumni network. Get LinkedIn with USC Price Alumni.

Join the official professional networking group for USC Price. LinkedIn connects USC Price alumni looking for career growth and professional development in the fields of public policy, public management, non-profit management, urban planning and development, real estate development, and heath care administration. Membership ranges from current students and faculty, to recent graduates, to longtime alumni.

Once a member of USC Price on LinkedIn, you’ll gain access to fellow USC Price Trojans who can provide job expertise or help you with a work-related issue. You’ll also find articles and discussion boards featuring relevant topics like the recent economic downturn or technology solutions to problems your profession is facing today.

Don’t delay! Join the LinkedIn network to find everyone from transportation planners to real estate managers to policy analysts to CEOs. Then, pose a question or seek advice from your colleagues located around the globe — from Southern California to Chicago to Taipei.

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