USC Price School of Public Policy

Throwback Thursday Alumni Features

Price alumni reflect on their years at Price, and tell us why giving matters.


Patty Covarrubias-Williams
Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and Management, 2002
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Michael McCormick
Executive Master of Leadership, 2013
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Robert Rodriguez
Master of Public Administration, 2015
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J. Robert Benard
Master of Planning (Urban and Regional Environment), 1973
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Billy B. Brockway, Jr.
Bachelor of Science in Planning & Development, 1993
Executive Master of Leadership, 2011
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David Galaviz
Master of Public Administration, 1997
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LaVerne Francis (Collins) Reid
Master of Public Administration, 1980
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Naima Greffon
Master of Planning, 1985
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Jeff Marks
Master of Public Administration, 1995
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Richard Rosenbaum
Master of Public Administration, 1996
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Ralph Lippman
Doctor of Public Administration, 1977
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Ashley Atkinson
Master of Public Administration / Master of Planning, 2007
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Ana M. Storey
Bachelor of Science in Public Policy & Management, 1996
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Nabeel Alam
Bachelor of Science in Public Policy, Management, and Planning, 2012
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Stacy Mungo
Master of Public Administration, 2005
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Terri L. Batch (Wilson) TBT

Terri L. Batch (Wilson)
Master of Public Administration, 2002
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Laura Padilla TBT

Laura Padilla
Master of Health Administration, 1998
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Darrell George TBT

Darrell George
Master of Planning, 1984
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Tomson Ong TBT

Tomson T. Ong
Master of Public Administration, 1984
Doctor of Public Administration, 1992
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Carol Rush TBT

Carol Rush
Master of Public Administration, 1985
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Dan Cassidy TBT

Dan Cassidy
B.S. in Public Administration, 1959
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Jim Lewis TBT

Jim Lewis
B.S. Public Policy and Management, 1997
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John Keisler TBT

John Keisler
Master of Public Administration, 2005
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Kirk Cartozian TBT

Kirk Cartozian
Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development, 2005
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