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International Resources

International Resources

Yearly H1-B Visa Employer Listings
Many international students want to know about organizations that will hire international students and provide sponsorship. The US Department of Labor allows you to view which employers applied for H 1-B visas over a five year time period. Search this database by state to get names, position titles and salaries.

Online Resource Guides for Job Searching
The websites below will introduce you to various online job search tools and services. These should be helpful to use during your job search.

» The Riley Guide
» 4 International Careers & Jobs
» iStudentCity
» Nira’s World Directory of Think Tanks

Non-Governmental / Nonprofit Organizations
For information on international, national, regional, state and local nonprofit organizations, check out the following links.

» UN Department of Public Information / Non-Governmental Organizations
» Philanthropy Careers