USC Price School of Public Policy

Career Services, Programs and Events


Career Services:

  • Career Advisement – tailored to the individual needs of each student, but typically include:
    • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
    • Professional Development Plan Assistance
    • Identifying a Targeted Job Search
    • Networking Skills
    • Interview Preparation
  • PriceNet – Internship and Employment Opportunities
  • Student Business Cards
  • Student Gold Name Tags



  • Career Fair (Fall Semester)
  • Job Fair (Spring Semester)
  • Networking Nights (Fall and Spring Semester)
  • Employer Information Sessions (Fall and Spring Semester)
  • Professional Development Workshops (Fall and Spring Semester)

We encourage you to meet with the USC Price Career Services staff and with a Career Counselor at the USC Career Center for in-depth discussions of your career goals and guidance specifically related to your degree program.

Internships, Fellowships, and Jobs

The Office of Career Services is fully prepared and deeply committed to helping you translate your academic achievements into a productive career. Therefore, we encourage you to take full advantage of internships, externships, fellowships, career workshops, individual career advising and other opportunities that are available to USC Price students. We have developed a broad array of programs to help you accomplish your career goals.

PriceNet – USC Price Online Event and Employment Portal

PriceNet is the comprehensive online database, offered by the Office of Career Services, for internships, fellowships and job opportunities. This database is available exclusively to current USC Price students and USC Price alumni, and it includes listings for the following categories:

  • Health Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Planning
  • Employer Submitted Internships

Professional Mentor Program

Professional Mentoring Program
Professional Mentoring Program 2
Professional Mentoring Program 3

One of the greatest attributes of a USC education is becoming a lifelong member of the Trojan Family Network. The bonds of the Trojan Family are far more important than ever. In this spirit, we have created a Professional Mentor Program. Alumni and employers are in demand as this program is highly sought after by students because of the continued leadership and insight mentors provide our students.
The purpose of the PMP is to match current students and professionals with common interests for the academic year. Mentors serve as role models, offer advice on academic and career goals, and guide students as they begin to develop professional networks.

The role of the Mentor in this program is to assist the mentee in career planning, give feedback on observed performance, help build self-esteem, create and facilitate networks, and help the mentee design realistic goals.

We ask that all mentors set aside two to three hours per month to participate in the mentor program. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet informally at various USC Price sponsored events. The 2012-2013 Professional Mentor Program saw an exponential growth in its numbers, and it is our goal to keep expanding our PMP program.

Externship Program

USC Price Externship

The Externship Program is an extended “shadowing” opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students. It is concentrated around spring break so students can spend three to five days actively working with professionals on substantive projects. The externship program provides students real-world exposure to an occupational area relevant to their area of study.

Professionals are able to examine the student’s interest, skills, and competencies as a potential future employee or intern.

What is an externship?
An externship is a volunteer “shadowing” style opportunity for Price students to spend from three to five days during their spring break (usually in the month of March) actively working with professionals, while gaining exposure to an occupational area related to their training. The externships are not for academic credit or pay, but the experience will greatly benefit both the students and sponsors. The extended time span of the externship gives the student the ability to refine their career goals while allowing the sponsor to examine the interests, skills and competencies of potential employees or interns.

USC Externship

What can I have students do during their externship?
It is up to you to decide what is appropriate in your work environment for the extern to participate in. We ask that you go through your day with the student as you would any other day so that the students can have a realistic view of what your career entails. Some options include:

  • Observing and asking questions
  • Conducting informational interviews with you and other co-workers
  • Attending meetings and other functions
  • Editing or proofreading
  • Assisting with research projects
  • Working directly with or observing interactions with customers and clients
  • Providing career guidance

Career Development Events

USC Price Career Fair at VKC Courtyard

USC Price Career Fair

Agencies and organizations from across the public, nonprofit and for-profit sectors will be on campus to share information about full-time employment, part-time employment, internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities for USC students. Learn more »

Networking Nights

The Price School’s Career Services hosts two Networking Nights during the academic year, one in the fall and the other in the spring. This is a great opportunity for Price students to take advantage of because they will get a chance to tap into the private, public and non-profit sector companies and organizations that students get recruited by. Networking Nights are geared toward students finding professionals and alumni to connect with that share a specific area of interest.