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Summer Scholars Program exposes international students to policy studies in US

Five students made their first visit to the United States to take part in the International Summer Scholars Program, a new offering from the Office of Global Engagement at the USC Price School of Public Policy, designed to introduce foreign students to graduate-level policy coursework in the U.S.

Painter connects with Colombia’s social innovation pioneers, explores collaboration

When Professor Gary Painter, director of the Sol Price Center for Social Innovation, heard about a university in Colombia with more than a hundred thousand students committed to social-impact work, he had to see it in person. Painter spent a week in June visiting Bogotá to better understand the unique learning model at UNIMINUTO, which in just over 25 years since its founding by a Catholic priest, has grown to 85 campuses across the South American country.

Kim’s book ‘Sidewalk City’ earns International Convention of Asia Scholars accolade

The book Sidewalk City: Remapping Public Space in Ho Chi Minh City, written by USC Price School of Public Policy Associate Professor Annette Kim and published by the University of Chicago Press, was recently named the recipient of the “Publisher’s Accolade for Outstanding Production Value” by the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS).

New Global MPP brings together diverse cohort, expands views on shared challenges

Professionals from around the world seeking a global and comparative perspective on policy challenges in today’s interconnected society spent a week at USC in June, as part an L.A. residency program that officially marked the start of the new Master of Global Public Policy — an innovative joint degree with the USC Price School of Public Policy and Hong Kong University.

Professor Currid-Halkett’s book tackles ‘inconspicuous consumption’

In her latest book, The Sum of Small Things: A Theory of the Aspirational Class, which launched in launched June 8 with a book signing in New York City, Professor Elizabeth Currid-Halkett identifies a new elite class that is defined by cultural capital rather than by income bracket — people who practice “inconspicuous consumption,” finding value not in flashy cars but in buying organic food, taking yoga and Pilates classes, listening to the right podcasts, and investing their children’s education. She found that by making wise decisions about education, health, parenting and retirement, this “aspirational class” reproduces wealth and deepens an ever-widening class divide.

SCI instructor Ehsan Zaffar joins Council on Foreign Relations

Ehsan Zaffar, an instructor with the USC CREATE Homeland Security Center, USC Price Safe Communities Institute, and frequent speaker at the USC Bedrosian Center on Governance, has been invited to join the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. CFR is a nonpartisan think tank specializing in foreign policy and international affairs.

New social justice courses advocate cultural competency, challenge assumptions

To position USC Price at the forefront of advancing social justice through producing culturally competent professionals, USC Price School of Public added three new courses for the 2016-17 academic year: Social Justice in Public Policy and Urban Planning (PPD 300) taught by Professor LaVonna Lewis; Race, Arts and Placemaking (PPD 499) instructed by Associate Professor Annette Kim; and Inequality, Policy and Administration (PPD 599) led by Assistant Professor Kathleen Doherty.