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New Frontiers in International Public Policy

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As governments change, governance matures, and new policy issues emerge, public policy must evolve and adapt to the new challenges.  Governments still play a dominant role, but non-government organizations and the private sector have assumed greater importance in the policy process. Depending on its type of government, its political system, and its stage of economic development, each country will have a unique policy process that accommodates inputs from the various stakeholders.  IPPAM graduates who have returned to their countries have been thrust to the vanguard of public policy, and must navigate these new frontiers in international public policy. We are fortunate to have IPPAM graduates from 4 countries who can describe the intricacies, nuances, and hazards in the new frontiers of public policy in their countries, and how their training at IPPAM prepared them for the challenges in this dynamic policy environment.

Dr. Thomas D’Agnes

Public Policy Specialist, Asian Development Bank;

Former USAID Representative, The US Embassy in Vientiane, Laos


Yasser Ali, Egypt IPPAM 14 (‘12)

Principal, Futures  High School (Elsherouk Branch)


Tory Damantoro, Indonesia IPPAM 14 (‘12)

Transportation  Policy Consultant  for UNEP, WB,  ADB, DFAT,GIZ


Jenny Lau China IPPAM 08 (‘06)

CEO, SinoJet Chairwoman, Asia Aviation Association


Ahmad Majidyar, Afghanistan IPPAM 19 (‘17)

Former Vice-President  and Investment  Promotion Director of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA)