USC Price School of Public Policy

Faculty Research Update: May 2017

June 11, 2017

A compilation of recent grant awards, accolades, presentations, journal publications and other notable news about Price School faculty and their research.


Marlon Boarnet

Research Awards

Adam Rose

  • Hilda Blanco received an award from the Ford Foundation for US-Cuba Renewable Energy Study Group Phase 2.
  • Genevieve Giuliano received an award for her US Davis NCST Caltrans task order 036” “Framework for Developing Economic Competitiveness Measures for the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan.”
  • Genevieve Giuliano received new awards for the following Caltrans task orders:
    • A Cost Allocation Model for Horizontal Supply Chains
    • Trajectory Data Mining for Performance Measurement of Public Transportation Systems.
    • Evaluating Economic Mobility and Resilience of Multimodal Freight Operations in a Connected Vehicle Environment.
    • Sustainable Affordable Housing Near Rail Transit: Refining and Expanding a Scenario Planning Tool.
    • Fine-grained “Automatic Vehicle Classification” System Development for Accurately Measuring Passenger-freight Interactions.
  • Dana Goldman received an award from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority for the USC Homeless Count.
  • Dana Goldman received an award from UCLA for the project “Vascular Dialysis Access in the Elderly.”
  • Dana Goldman received an award from the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission for “Mental Health Issues Facing the Other California.”
  • Mike Nichol received an award for the Gerontology project “Planning a family-focused approach to prevent elder mistreatment.”
  • Adam Rose and Jonathan Eyer received a grant from the Japan Foundation for the study “A Comprehensive Framework for Assessing and Responding to Disaster-Related Migration.”
  • Adam Rose and Heather Rosoff received a contract for a second year of study on “Measurement of Economic and Business Resilience to Disasters.”


Julie Zissimopoulos


  • Adam Rose was appointed a Fellow of the Risk Institute of the Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University.