USC Price School of Public Policy

William Baer

Emeritus Professor

Dr. William Baer specializes in housing and community development, environment and behavior, and historic preservation. He has conducted a number of studies on housing subsidies, filtering and neighborhood change, housing needs and requirements, and the perceptual responses of people and public policy to residential environments.

Research and Consulting:
Recent research includes “General Plan Evaluation Criteria: An Approach to Making Better Places,” in the Journal of the American Planning Association (1997), as well as “Toward Design of Regulations for the built environment”. in Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, (1997).

With Dowell Myers and S. Choi, Dr. Baer has also examined the impacts of housing and demographics in “The Changing Problem of Overcrowding,” Journal of the American Planning Association (Winter, 1996).

Professional Activities:
Other housing interests include applying twentieth-century housing analyses to other centuries in history. His current research is on real estate development practices in 17th century London and its building industry. The era ushered in the beginning of modern speculative housing development and saw the emergence of the forerunner of today’s large-scale homebuilders.

Selected Publications:
His book, Beyond the Neighborhood Unit, co-authored with Professor Tridib Banerjee, discusses the residential preferences of different income and ethnic groups in the Los Angeles Region.