USC Price School of Public Policy

Giuliano tapped by U.S. Transportation Secretary for advisory committee

June 19, 2013

From Price staff reports


Genevieve Giuliano, senior associate dean at the USC Price School of Public Policy and director of the METRANS Transportation Center, was selected in May by then-U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to serve on the National Freight Advisory Committee.

The newly established committee, comprised of 47 industry leaders, local and state elected representatives, port and airport executives, and academic experts. The committee will advise the secretary on a wide range of freight transportation-related topics. These include: the implementation of new freight transportation requirements; the development of a national freight network and strategic plan; development of measures for freight performance and conditions; development of investment, data and planning tools; and legislative recommendations.

Giuliano – who was appointed as an expert advisory member, and not as a representative of any particular freight interest – boasts an extensive scholarly record in transportation policy.

Her research has examined the impacts of public transportation policy on the performance and outcomes of public transport services; the effects of regulatory policy on freight transport system performance; and the financing and implementation of major freight infrastructure projects. She has also followed the evolution of federal policy, having written on the implications of a changing federal role.

By participating in the advisory committee, Giuliano said her biggest hope would be to develop a strong national freight policy.

“An efficient and sustainable freight system is essential to the national economy, and therefore a critical responsibility for the national government,” she said. “Today we do not have what I would call a national freight policy, and this has all sorts of implications. Essential improvements – from a systems perspective – do not get done. What does get done is the result of ad-hoc, one-off arrangements that may or may not contribute to the efficiency of the national system, or solve the highest priority problems.”

The advisory committee members will offer guidance to improve the department’s freight transportation policies and programs. Their collaboration will serve to foster involvement and compliance with proposed plans, and will promote the enactment of larger policy initiatives. Each member is expected to serve a two-year term and meet at least three times per year.

In addition to Giuliano, two other members of the advisory committee are affiliated with METRANS. Fran Inman of Majestic Realty and Randy Iwasaki, CEO of Contra Costa Transit, both of whom serve on the METRANS advisory board, were also appointed.

The establishment of the committee comes at a critical time with regard to freight transportation. While significant investments – about $1 billion over the past four years – have been made by USDOT in projects that primarily involve freight, efficiently serving current and future freight demand will require new approaches.

The full list of National Freight Advisory Committee members can be viewed on the U.S. Department of Transportation website.