USC Price School of Public Policy

Kodama’s Transportation Planning Work Featured in Chronicle of Higher Ed

September 28, 2009

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured SPPD Adjunct Associate Professor Michael Kodama and his work in transportation planning. Kodama was recently named executive director of the Orangeline Development Authority, charged with planning a high-speed rail system that will link 14 cities through Southern California. The story highlighted Kodama’s transportation planning class, in which he requires his students to travel an assigned route on a commuter train and write an essay about the experience. Kodama also requires his students to develop their own public transit projects, which they discuss with transportation professionals and present to the class. Board members viewed Kodama’s teaching background as a plus when they chose him to direct the project, said the development authority’s chairman. “I’ve been involved with a lot of different transportation projects and they all find their ways back into the classroom,” Kodama said. “Teaching is enjoyable and rewarding — and I get to see where some of the students end up. I still run into quite a few of them.”