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Checklist for Voyage to Catalina

Checklist for Voyage to Catalina

Seasickness Medication
The US Coast Guard recommends Bonine (non-prescription). Dramamine is also widely used. Avoid heavy, greasy meals and alcohol. For a more holistic approach, try eating ginger in some form. Learn more about Motion Sickness.

Food Aboard
2 bag-lunches and a breakfast snack. Refrigeration is available.

Spending Money
Dinner ashore, entertainment and the Shoreboat ($5.50/person each way!)

Sleeping Bag
A must in cooler weather.

Soft-soled shoes with good tread required. No shoes which will scuff and leave marks on the deck (which you will scrub clean if the shoes are yours). Test your shoes at home before coming aboard. Hard soles make the decks like ice (and scuff the decks badly).

No suitcases. Your things must be stored in your bunk.

Suggested Miscellaneous
Flashlight, pencil, notebook, warm clothes, rain jacket (if warranted), camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, personal towels/toiletries/etc. No scuba tanks or snorkeling equipment (no room for them, no time for you to use them).

By and large, sailing to Catalina is quite comfortable. If you feel you may be prone to seasickness, though, bring your own appropriate medication and take it around 10:00am (at least 2 hours before going to sea).

Dressing warmly is critical. Do not be disillusioned by being in Los Angeles. Pay attention to how cold it is outside the night before you sail. It will be ten degrees colder and windy on the water, and you will be outside most of the time. Dress in layers. In the winter months, dress as though you were going skiing.