USC Price School of Public Policy

Checklist for Voyage to Catalina

You must bring the following items with you in preparation for your two-day voyage:

1) Boating Shoes – Tennis shoes w/ non-marking soles are acceptable. You will not be allowed to depart w/ the vessel in hard soled shoes, sandals, crocks, beachcombers, or track shoes that leave marks on deck.

2) Duffle Bag – Pack all of your belonging in a soft gear bag. Suitcases or wheeling bags are NOT allowed! Doubled-up plastic garbage bags work well too

3) Food for Two Days – Bring 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and snacks that do not require cooking. You will be going ashore for dinner on Friday night. A refrigerator will be available, but do not plan to microwave food.

4) Sleeping Bag and a Pillow – A berth (sleeping area) is provided for each student; however sheets, blankets, and pillows are not. Each student should have a sleeping bag or adequate blankets. It will be cold at night, regardless of season. Pillows are optional, but can make your night more comfortable.

5) Wet Weather Gear – You need a jacket which will repel rain and/or sea spray. It is best to bring layers; fleece and wool are better than cotton. Skiing/snowboarding outfits work very well also.
It will be MUCH colder than you expect!

6) Complete Change of Clothes and Warm Clothing – In the event you get wet you should have a complete change of warm dry clothes.
At a minimum- Long pants, sweater, sweatshirt, and a jacket.

7) Spending Money – The shoreboat (water taxi) to shore on Friday evening accepts CASH ONLY and exact change, No credit cards!
The fare is approximately $5 per person each way.

8) Sea Sick Medication – The US Coast Guard recommends Bonine (non-prescription). Dramamine is also widely used. Avoid heavy, greasy meals and alcohol prior to sailing, including the night before. Be sure to stay hydrated and have plenty of sleep. If you know you get motion sickness, see your physician for an appropriate prescription medication. For a more holistic approach, try eating ginger in some form. Learn more about Motion Sickness.

9) Sunglasses and Sunscreen – You will burn easily on the water, even on cloudy days. Bring enough to protect yourself.

10) Suggested misc. items – Notebook, pen, flashlight, towel/toiletries and camera.

Please Note: There are cell phone use restrictions aboard the vessel.


  • No scuba tanks or snorkeling equipment (no room for them, no time for you to use them).
  • Roll-aboard luggage
  • People not enrolled in Nautical Sciences and/or not signed up for the same trip

NO alcohol or drugs allowed!
If you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your sailing voyage you will be removed from the vessel immediately, reported to the authorities and at risk of failing the course.