USC Price School of Public Policy



Shipping Out
You MUST be at the dock no later than 9:30am on the day of your scheduled sail. You may call Atlantas after 8:00am the morning of departure to confirm that we are sailing, as there might be a change of plans due to inclement weather. If the voyage is canceled, a tape recording will explain the problem. Otherwise, we are sailing.

Should you have a good reason to cancel, call Atlantas or the USC Price Office on campus to contact Capt. Remsburg for names and phone numbers of people with whom you might arrange a switch for an alternate weekend. If you are unable to make agreeable plans, you will be given second priority (stand-by) to ship out during the following semester.

All students (except those auditing the class) must attend the final exam. If you miss your sail, you may still opt to attend the final exam to receive a grade in the class, and then make up the sail at a later time. You may, of course, also opt to take the final after your make-up sail and receive an Incomplete (INC) for your grade in the meantime. Notice for this option must be given before the final exam period in WRITING to Capt. Remsburg. As with all INCs, if outstanding work is not completed within one semester or other arrangements are not made, the INC will automatically become an F for the class.

Should you either not show up or not allow a reasonable notification time, there is no obligation to provide you passage, as your berth will remain unfilled. There are no refunds of fees.

Students are to conduct themselves in an orderly and adult manner. Otherwise, they will be required to leave the vessel and find alternative lodging and transportation.

Smoking is not permitted aboard at any time.
Alcohol may not be brought aboard for any reason.

IMPORTANT: Like all other Coast Guard approved vessels, Atlantas and Artemis are ZERO TOLERANCE vessels. The use or possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia is strictly forbidden. Violation of this rule will subject the offender to expulsion from the program (including immediate removal from the vessel), possible arrest, and any and all disciplinary action provided for under the rules and authority of the University of Southern California under which this program is offered.