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Captain Ron Remsburg, Program Director, Nautical Science
Captain Ron Remsburg is the Founder and Senior Officer of the Nautical Science program at USC. He has been a licensed Captain for over 30 years, and as a young man assisted in the construction of his vessel, Atlantas. After delivering Atlantas from Nova Scotia to Los Angeles, he earned his Master of Philosophy degree at USC. His undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond, VA is a double-major in Biology and Philosophy. Although he enjoys a fresh breeze, billowing sails and a dash of salt spray, he equally enjoys the challenge and adventure of ideas by teaching philosophy.

Captain Lars Harding
Graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business, Capt. Harding operates his own business as a personal trainer. He enjoys the pleasure of being his own boss. Crew tend not to get away with much around him as a result. His work as a professional mariner has taken him far and wide. Some years ago, he was sent to Alaska’s Prince William Sound to clean up some misplaced oil after the ill-fated Exxon Valdez ran aground there. When he’s had enough of life at sea for a few days, Lars likes to head to the mountains to go skiing.

Captain Scott Culver
Pulled away from us by the allure of the South Pacific some time ago, Capt. Culver has sailed back into our Nautical Science Program after completing a near circumnavigation of the earth under sail. His professional skills were honed at the California Maritime Academy, and he teaches also at the Orange Coast College sailing center. A child at heart with an innocently adolescent sense of humor, he remains a figure beyond compare on the high seas. A fun character. Modeling himself after his nautical hero, the famous British sailor, Capt. James Cook, he has sailed numerous times through the South Pacific.

Captain Diane Sheaks
Our first and so far only woman skipper, Diane Sheaks, recently joined our team coming to us by way of Orange Coast College Sailing Center and Annapolis Sailing school. Diane is a 100 Ton licensed USGC Master, American Sailing Association Instructor, US Sailing Instructor, and promises not to make you walk the plank. But, remember NOT to wear those BLACK soled shoes or you’ll be swabbing the decks! You’ll get to hear tales of the South Pacific and the South China Seas from her latest adventures. When she is not crossing the channel with us, she is restoring her own bluewater cruiser, getting ready for the time she’ll sail off into the sunset once again. To get detailed information about her, visit her website: