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VoiceThread can be thought of as a multimedia discussion board.  A discussion prompt need no longer be simply text based, but instead can be images, slides, video, or audio.  Students can respond to the prompt via video, audio, or text, allowing for a rich conversation that can add an additional element of social presence to an online class. Its also a quick and simple way to narrate presentations online with the ability to easily modify and add content. (more…)

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VoiceThread Tutorials

Getting Started

- How To Share Your VoiceThread



Pathbrite is a tool that allows both students and faculty to collect work in the form of a visually appealing digital portfolio.  Pathbrite also has some functionality of a learning management system (such as Blackboard), where faculty can create assignments, and provide grades and feedback. (more)

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Pathbrite Tutorials

- Pathbrite User Guide

- How to Create a Pathbrite Course

- How to Create Assignments


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. (more…)

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Adobe Connect Tutorials

- Adobe Connect Tutorials on

- How To Create a Meeting Room



Moodle (acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open source Learning Management System, with similar functionality to Blackboard.  (more…)

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Learning Technology FAQ

How do I get a VoiceThread account?

How do I get an Adobe Connect account?

What tools should I used when teaching an intensive course?


Best Practices:

  • Fully Online Courses

  • Blended Online & Intensive Courses

  • Technology-Enhanced On-Campus Courses

Blended Online & Intensive Courses

There are several great tools for keeping your students engaged in between intensive sessions.  The simplest is arguably the Blackboard discussion board (link to tutorial.)

Faculty typically post weekly discussion prompts which the students are requested to respond to by a specific due date.  Replies can either be graded or ungraded assignments.

Some faculty choose to hold live meetings via video conferencing using a tool called Adobe Connect  (link to Adobe Connect 8 questions page) , while others create prerecorded lectures using VoiceThread (link to VoiceThread 8 questions page).  Some faculty choose a combination of the above technologies.

Please contact Shan Carballo ( for additional information on the tools described above.

Curriculum & Content Resources


Course Reserves (ARES)

Electronic Hallway

Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration (Rutgers SPAA and NASPAA)

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