USC Price School of Public Policy

DPPD Admission

One of the goals of the Price School is to ensure its academic programs are of current value to the community for which they serve. Over the past year, the Price School faculty has been reviewing the Doctor of Policy, Planning, and Development (DPPD) to assess how we might revise it so that it builds on the strengths of our current faculty and best meets the needs of the professional community. The faculty will be spending the next year assessing the curriculum and competencies in an attempt to shape an innovative academic program that best prepares practitioner scholars to grapple with the 21st century global challenges.

Because this work has not yet been completed, we will not be accepting applications to this program until further notice. If you have already applied, Ms. Marisol Rios, Director of Recruitment and Admission, will ensure your application fee will be refunded and/or will assist you in the process of applying to another Price School degree program if that is of interest to you.

If you have not yet submitted your application for admission, but wish to be kept apprised of our plans for professional education, please contact

Dr. Deborah Natoli, DPPD Program Director or (213) 740-8584


Marisol Rios or (213) 740-0527