USC Price School of Public Policy

Master of Planning/Master of Arts in Economics

The Price School of Public Policy and the Department of Economics jointly offer a two-year program leading to the MPL and M.A. degrees. Applicants must apply to the Price School of Public Policy and the USC Graduate School and meet the admission requirements of both.

Students must complete 58 units, including 24 units in economics and 34 units in planning.

Microeconomic Analysis and Policy (ECON 500) – 4 units
Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy (ECON 501) – 4 units
The Practice of Econometrics (ECON 513) – 4 units
Master’s Thesis (ECON 594abz) – 4 units

Students must also complete eight units of electives from Economics.

Policy, Planning, and Development
Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
Planning Theory (PPD 524) – 2 units
Comparative International Development (PPD 526) – 2 units
The Social Context of Planning (PPD 527) – 2 units
Legal Environment of Planning (PPD 529) – 2 units
Planning History and Urban Form (PPD 533) – 2 units

Planning Studios
Students take PPD 531L (4 or 8) to total eight units.

Students complete 14 units of elective courses within the Price School of Public Policy.

A thesis is required on a subject interrelating economics and urban planning and development. Students must register in a minimum of four units of ECON 594abz (2-2-0) and maintain continuous registration until completion of the thesis.

During the summer after the first year of graduate study, students normally serve internships in planning organizations. Students must complete a thesis acceptable to both faculties.