USC Price School of Public Policy

Master of Planning/Master of Landscape Architecture

The dual degree option in planning and landscape architecture (within the USC School of Architecture) trains professionals in policy and design. Students become competent with design problems at different scales, but with a distinctly urban focus. Candidates must already possess a degree in architecture. The dual degree program normally requires five semesters in residence.

Students must complete 66 units, including:

  • 32 units of courses in landscape architecture
  • 24 units of courses in urban planning
  • 10 units of thesis option I or II

The specified courses are those required for the Master of Landscape Architecture degree.

Elements of the Urban Landscape (ARCH 532) – 2 units
Urban Landscape Case Studies (ARCH 533) – 2 units
Architecture in the Urban Landscape: Projects and Places (ARCH 561) – 2 units
Architecture in the Urban Landscape: Comparative Theories (ARCH 563) – 2 units

Students select one of the following:
Landscape Architecture Thesis Option I (ARCH 697abzL) – 0-8 units
Landscape Architecture Directed Design Research (ARCH 698abzL) – 0-8 units

Students must also take a four-unit elective within the School of Architecture.

Landscape Architecture Design (ARCH 542abL) – 6-6 units

Policy, Planning, and Development
Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
Economics for Policy, Planning and Development (PPD 501a) – 2 units
Planning Theory (PPD 524) – 2 units
Statistics and Arguing from Data (PPD 525) – 2 units
Comparative International Development (PPD 526) – 2 units
The Social Context of Planning (PPD 527) – 2 units
Design History and Criticism (RED 573) – 2 units
Planning History and Urban Form (PPD 533) – 2 units

Students take eight units of elective courses within the Price School of Public Policy.