USC Price School of Public Policy

Degree Completion and Retention Rates

Most students pursue the MHA degree as full-time students and complete the program in two to three years. Students may also enroll in the MHA program as “part-time” and may complete the program in three to five years. The time limit for completing a master’s degree at USC is five years. For students who have graduated from the MHA program the average completion time is 2.03 years*.

Students who have entered the MHA program from academic year (AY) 2008 through AY 2012 have an extremely high completion rate of 87%*. Completion rates have dramatically improved since the latest revision to the curriculum, in 2010. As noted below, between 74% and 80% of the students entering in AY 2010 or AY 2011 completed within two years, and 94% of the 2010 enrollees completed within three years. The program’s overall retention rate is 97%*, and has improved for enrollees since implementation of the new curriculum.

*Based on students entering in AY 2008 through AY 2012.


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