USC Price School of Public Policy

MHA Mission, Values, and Vision

The mission of the USC Price School Health Management and Policy program:

  • The Mission of the USC Price School of Public Policy Health Management and Policy program is to enhance the profession and practice of health management and policy through the conduct and dissemination of scholarly research and the application of this research in the education and training of new and mid-career health professionals, in the U.S. and internationally. The program will actively engage and collaborate with the broader healthcare community to provide essential knowledge, skills, and learning experiences that will enable our graduates to help shape the healthcare environment across all sectors of the industry, and to contribute to solving the healthcare challenges facing our society.

The vision of the USC Price School Health Management and Policy program:

  • The USC Price School of Public Policy Health Management and Policy program seeks national recognition as a leader in health management and policy education. Members of the program will help shape the healthcare environment through the application of innovative and collaborative methods that integrate sound analytic skills with leadership and organizational knowledge.

The values of the USC Price School Health Management and Policy program include:

  • Caring
  • Collaboration
  • Integration
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

These three statements reflect the programmatic characteristics that separate our Master of Health Administration program from other MHA programs. By virtue of our program placement in a pre-eminent school of public policy, we can take advantage of school-wide resources focused on public policy foundations such as economic principles and methods, organizational processes shared by public, private, for-profit and not-for-profit companies, as well as commonly applied evaluative methods. Our graduates will need to understand the complex web of organizations providing healthcare in order to create new processes that shape the field through innovation and collaboration.

This Mission statement reflects an important focus of the program, particularly as it is reflected in the two degrees we offer, the Master of Health Administration and the Executive Master of Health Administration. The explicit focus of the educational enterprise for both new undergraduates and young health care professionals (MHA) and mid-career professionals (EMHA) assists us in matching specific needs for these populations with our programmatic strengths. This clear distinction between the audiences of the two degrees provides the need for distinct learning methods and environments. The MHA target of new undergraduates and health (or other) professionals requires knowledge and understanding of the fundamental characteristics and processes of the healthcare delivery system before enabling students to explore specialized areas of inquiry. The EMHA curriculum builds on the professional experiences of students who show leadership potential to assist them in accelerating their career trajectory.

The vision of the Health Program springs from our perceived strengths, as it applies to the final sentence of our Mission statement. We believe that Program stakeholders (students, staff, faculty, and the organizations and people that we engage) will shape the health care future. The application of our research and teaching strategies in participating organizations will improve health in the community, broadly defined. Our vision is that our accomplishments in this endeavor will be recognized, and our expertise sought after, so that we may facilitate constantly improving health care delivery systems, both within California and nationally.