USC Price School of Public Policy

MPP Tuition and Fees

Financial Details
Year 1
Year 2
Tuition MPP
(AY 2015-16: $1666/unit, 24 units over fall+spring)
(AY 2016-17: $1733/unit, 24 units over fall+spring)
$39,984 $41,592 $81,576
Other Student Fees $741 $686 $1,427
MPP Lab Fee $300 $300
Total MPP $41,025 $42,278 $83,003

The estimated tuition and fees for each student are outlined above. The tuition and fees are estimates.
They assume students will complete the program in two years.
These fees are based on 2015-16 fees and a 4% increase in tuition in 2016-17.
These fees do not include health insurance, books, or living expenses.