USC Price School of Public Policy

MRED Curriculum

The Dollinger MRED program requires the completion of 44 units, comprised of 13 core courses and 8 units of electives.  Classes combine lectures, projects, case studies, site visits, and exercises, providing students experience across all facets of a real estate professional’s tasks and challenges. In addition, all students complete a comprehensive exam as a capstone requirement.

Program Options
Dollinger MRED students are able to select from either the full-time or part-time option.

  • Full-Time Program (PDF)
    The full-time program is completed in 11 months, beginning in June and concluding in May. Courses are primarily offered during the day with at least one evening course each semester.
  • Part-time Program (PDF)
    The Executive program is completed over two years, also starting in June. Courses are offered in the evening hours starting at 6:00 pm, two or three nights a week.
During MRED Orientation, a Finance Proficiency Exam will be administered and must be passed before students may enroll in RED 542. The exam includes problems requiring the use of Ecel to compute the time value of money, internal rates of return, net present value, and mortgage balances. Students who do not pass the quiz will enroll in RED 541 Finance Fundamentals as a prerequisite for RED 542 and apply this course toward MRED elective requirements.

Students with prior academic training in core course areas may petition for a class waiver. The instructor’s consent is required. Students receiving such waiver will receive subject credit and must satisfy program unit requirements by the completion of additional electives.