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Intensive Semester Format

Intensive courses are a unique and innovative method of course design offered by the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Students who are working professionals often find it easier to balance their study time with other outside demands by enrolling in intensives. Full-time graduate students enjoy the variety of the intensive semester format. In some cases, students find the intensive semester design is not appropriate. You should consult with your faculty advisor prior to registration. All courses at the State Capital Center are offered in the intensive format.

Intensive seminars are scheduled to concentrate class time into blocks of full days, allowing you extensive time for independent study and practical application of what you have learned. Each four-unit course meets for eight full days, resulting in the same amount of in-class time as in four-unit courses meeting weekly.

Typically, classes meet from 9am to 5pm in blocks of three or four days which are four weeks apart. During the month preceding and the month between the sessions, you will be reading and applying the concepts at work. The month after the last block is usually devoted to writing a paper about your application of the class materials to the field, finishing a practical project begun during class, or completing an exam.

As all class meetings in Sacramento are scheduled as intensives, planning for classes may require additional guidance. Please contact Scott Steele at for help in planning your coursework.

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