USC Price School of Public Policy

BS in Real Estate Development Curriculum

USC Price students tour a local real estate development project.

Students tour a local real estate development project.

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development spans the broader context of real estate allowing students to explore the full structure of real estate and its role in creating our cities and communities. Prerequisite courses integrate the many disciplines that are the foundation for real estate education, including accounting, economics, business finance, and the urban context. Real estate core classes taken through the Price School focus on real estate principals, financial analysis, market analysis, urban design, and the history of cities. Students select electives to complement their interests from either the Price School or related disciplines. Throughout the undergraduate program, classroom instruction is supplemented by professional practice as exemplified by the mandatory internship and capstone laboratory. Finally, the major is structured to provide students with sufficient elective credits to explore minor or other programs at USC.

Foundation Prerequisites (28 units)

  • ECON 203 Microeconomics (4 units)
  • MATH 117 Introduction to Mathematics (4 units)
  • PPD 225 Public Policy and Management (4 units)
  • PPD 245 The Urban Context (4 units)
  • PPD 303 Statistics (4 units)
  • ACCT 410x Foundations of Accounting (4 units)
  • BUAD 215x Foundations of Business Finance (4 units)

Real Estate Core (24 units)

  • RED 362 Real Estate Fundamentals (4 units)
  • RED 375 Real Estate Development Analysis (4 units)
  • RED 417 History of Planning and Development (4 units)
  • RED 425 Designing Livable Communities (4 units)
  • RED 435 Analyzing Real Estate Markets (4 units)
  • RED 437 Advanced Finance and Investment (4 units)

Internship (2 units)

  • PPD 301 Internship Seminar (2 units)

Capstone (4 units, select one)

  • PPD 431 Capstone: PPD Studies (4 units)
  • PPD 497ab Senior Thesis (2 fall units & 2 spring units – Available only to seniors with 3.7 GPA in Price School courses and an overall 3.5 GPA).

Real Estate Electives (12 units, select 3)

  • ARCH 306 Shelter (4)
  • ARCH 404 Topics in Modern Architecture (3)
  • ARCH 444 Great Houses of Los Angeles (4)
  • CE 460 Construction Engineering (3)
  • CE 462 Construction Methods and Equipment (3)
  • CE 469 Sustainable Design and Construction (3)
  • FBE 427 Real Estate Law (4)
  • PPD 358 Urban and Regional Economics (4)
  • PPD 410 Comparative Urban Development (4)
  • PPD 438 Local Economic Development (4)
  • PPD 439 Housing and Community Development (4)

General Education

Writing Requirement (8 units)

Minor or Free Electives (10-18 units)

Minors offer you a way to explore a field, interdisciplinary theme, or topical area with less commitment of time than a major. A minor can be completed in as few as 16 units, with most minors requiring about 20 to 24 units. Minors are optional. Choosing a Minor »

Alternatively, students can take free elective courses of their choosing.