USC Price School of Public Policy

Minor Children and Families in Urban America

Students will examine changing demographics, economics and cultures, as well as the challenges of building communities that support children and families. They will assess innovative ways to improve access to and utilization of human services, including inter-professional practice, integrated services and community-based initiatives. Analysis of current social policies and policy reform initiatives will provide a framework for those interested in improving outcomes for children and families.

The Minor in Children and Families in Urban America consists of 22 units or six courses.

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Required Courses

Students are required to take the following courses. Sixteen units must be upper division coursework.

  • Children and Families in Urban America (Gateway Course) (SOWK 304)
  • Children and Families in Urban America (Integrative Seminar) (SOWK 305L)
  • Children and Families in Urban America (Capstone Course) (SOWK 400)


Students choose three elective courses, one from each content area. Of the three electives, only two may be taken from the same department.

Families and Children

  • Perspectives on the Daily Life of Families (OT 330)
  • Developmental Psychology (PSYC 336L)
  • Adolescent Development (PSYC 338)
  • Sociology of Human Development (SOCI 303)
  • Sociology of Childhood (SOCI 305)
  • The Family in a Changing Society (SOCI 369)

Communities and Culture

  • Family and Kinship in Cross-Cultural Perspective (ANTH 370)
  • Intercultural Communication (COMM 324)
  • Human Diversity: People, Power, and Politics (EDCO 102x)
  • Los Angeles, The Enduring Pueblo (PPD 100m)
  • Housing and Community Development (PPD 439)
  • Planning, Policy-Making and Social Change (PPD 478)
  • Institutional Inequality in American Political and Social Policy (SOWK 200x)

Professions and Partnerships

  • Small Group and Team Communication (COMM 320)
  • Ethics in Human Communication (COMM 388)
  • Teaching and Learning in School Settings (CTSE 203)
  • Politics and American Education (EDPA 308)
  • Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations (PPD 402)
  • Urban Psychology (PSYC 295)
  • The American System of Justice (PPD 340)

Contact Information

Dorothy Scott, School of Social Work
(213) 740-9453