USC Price School of Public Policy

Minor in Environmental Planning and Development

A wide range of undergraduates will enter professional and business positions in which issues related to environmental planning will play an important role. This minor offers students the opportunity to study the growing professional field of environmental planning. This eight-course minor combines a strong scientific foundation with professional courses in Policy, Planning, and Development, with electives from a variety of academic programs at USC.

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Required Courses

Students are required to take the following courses:

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENST 100)
  • Property Rights, Governance and the Environment (PPD 304)

Students select two of the following courses:

  • General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution (BISC 120L)
  • Introduction to Ecology (BISC 315L)
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 105aL)
  • Environmental Quality Control and Management: A Global Approach (ENE 201)
  • Planet Earth (GEOL 105L)

Methods Courses
Students select one of the following courses:

  • Environmental Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 281L)
  • Statistics for Policy, Planning, and Development (PPD 404x)
  • Urban Design Practicum (PPD 429)

Planning and Development Process and Politics Courses
Students select two of the following courses:

  • Urban Sleuths: Exploring People and Places in Cities (PPD 302m)
  • Urban Planning and Development (PPD 227)
  • Sustainability Planning (PPD 461)


Students select one of the following courses:

  • Economics for Natural Resources and the Environment (ENST 387x)
  • Resources and Environmental Economics (ECON 487x)
  • Environmental Engineering Principals (prerequisites required) (ENE 400)
  • Water Quality Policy and Regulation (ENST 420)
  • Air Quality Policy and Health (ENST 430)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ENST 440)
  • Conservation of Natural Resources (GEOG 345)
  • Race and Environmentalism (GEOG 350)
  • Environmental Disasters (GEOG 360)
  • Applied Geography Internship (GEOG 397)
  • Urban Geography (GEOG 410)
  • Water Resources (GEOG 477)
  • Politics of Global Environment (IR 323)
  • Ecological Security and Global Politics (IR 422)
  • Environmental Law (POSC 347)
  • Environmental Politics (POSC 436)
  • Directed Governmental and Political Leadership Internship (POSC 395)
  • Ecofeminism (SWMS 415)

Contact Information

The College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences’ Environmental Studies
(213) 740-7770