USC Price School of Public Policy

Minor in Law and Public Policy


The minor in law and public policy draws upon four fields of study: public policy and management, law, economics, and political science. It provides students an understanding of the political and economic contexts in which laws are made as well as how legal institutions shape policy. Students analyze the consequences of policy and alternatives; the roles played by government, business and nonprofit organizations in public decision making; and the legal basis for various areas of public policy.

Students minoring in law and public policy take 20 units, including the gateway class, PPD 225 Public Policy and Management, and one elective. The latter enables the student to focus on a specific area of law.

Required Courses

Students are required to take the following courses:

Public Policy and Management (PPD 225)
Institutions, legal context, and processes of public policy and management. Contemporary theories of public policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Public managerial challenges and reform.

Constitutional Law (POSC 340)
Development of constitutional law by the courts; leading cases bearing on major constitutional issues; the federal system; powers of government; civil liberties.

Public Policy and Law (PPD 314)
Institutional foundations and analysis of public policy issues; policy formulation and implementation; application of theories; case analyses.

Analytic Foundations for Public Policy (PPD 315)
Qualitative methods of analysis; ethical and political implications of policy choices; issue diagnosis and policy design skills; critical reasoning and ethics; policy leadership


Additionally, students select from one of the following:

  • Economic Analysis of Law (ECON 434)
  • Introduction to the Legal Environment of Business (FBE 403)
  • Law & Society (LAW 200w)
  • Mental Health Law (LAW 403)
  • Concepts in American Law (LAW 300)
  • International Law (POSC 345)
  • Environmental Law (POSC 347)
  • The Politics of Local Criminal Justice (POSC 432)
  • Comparative Law and the Judicial Process (POSC 440)
  • Cultural Diversity and the Law (POSC 441)
  • Civil and Political Rights and Liberties (POSC 444)
  • Critical Issues in Law and Public Policy (POSC 452)

* Prerequisite may be required for some courses

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