USC Price School of Public Policy

Minor in Urban Sustainable Planning


The 20-unit minor in urban sustainable planning focuses on the application of public policy, urban planning and public management to the analysis and solution of urban problems. It draws upon the interdisciplinary faculty and programs of the Price School of Public Policy and includes foundational courses that introduce students to the nature of urban phenomena and the analysis and solution of urban problems. The minor also introduces students to the professional and academic fields of either urban planning and development or public policy and public management. In addition, based on their specific interests, students have the opportunity to explore in greater depth three areas and approaches of urban problem-solving. This minor is appropriate for students interested in expanding their understanding of the fields of urban planning and public policy and management as potential professional careers as well as increasing their comprehension of the analysis and solution of urban problems.

Required Courses

The Urban Context for Policy and Planning (PPD 245)
The urban context for planning and policy decisions. Socioeconomic, physical, and spatial structure of cities; and the underlying demographic, economic, and social processes that drive their ongoing transformation.

Geographic Information Systems and Planning Applications (PPD 427L)
Basic GIS concepts, ArcView and other GIS software, planning applications and databases, basic cartography; students select, research and prepare a planning GIS analysis project.

Designing Livable Communities (RED 425)
Theories and concepts of livable communities and good city form; case studies of historical and current best practices; field visits; collaborative design project.

Elective Courses

Students select two courses from this list. They are encouraged through advisement to consider course clusters that reflect special interests.

  • Urban and Regional Economics (PPD 358)
  • Urban Transportation Planning and Policy (PPD 360)
  • Community Health Policy and Planning (PPD 414)
  • History of Planning and Development (RED 417)
  • Local Economic Development (PPD 438)
  • Housing and Community Development (PD 439)

Contact Information

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