USC Price School of Public Policy

Minor in Real Estate Development

This minor provides students with an overview of the field of real estate development – its principles, market analysis, finance and history, as well as the opportunity to pursue more specialized interests and skills through a set of electives (including courses in architecture, civil engineering and business). It is a 23-24 unit minor, requiring four core courses and two electives. The minor is intended for any students with interests in careers in real estate development or other areas that might be related to real estate development, such as local government, non-profit housing and land use enterprises, urban economics, public-private partnerships or related entrepreneurial ventures.

Required Courses

Students are required to take the following courses:

Introduction to Real Estate Finance and Development (FBE 400x)
Case analysis examining economic and financial aspects of real estate decisions for non-business majors. Focuses on dynamics of financing, markets and the development process.

Real Estate Fundamentals for Planning and Development (PPD 362)
Urban markets, government role and influences; capital markets and financing environment; mortgage instruments and analytic tools for decision making.

History of Planning and Development (PPD 417)
Historical evolution of planning and development. How changing modes of planning and development have shaped the built landscape throughout the century.

Advanced Finance and Investment for Planning and Development (PPD 437) (Prerequisite: PPD 362 and MATH 117)
Advanced real estate principles. The nature, operation, and role of U.S. mortgage markets. Mortgage financing of residential and income-producing property types.


Students are required to select two courses from the following:

  • Construction Engineering (CE 460)*
  • Real Estate Law (FBE 427)
  • Designing Livable Communities (PPD 425)
  • Analyzing Real Estate Markets for Planning and Development (PPD 435)
  • Housing and Community Development (PPD 439)
  • Sustainability Planning PPD (461)

* Students in the Real Estate track who select CE 460 as an elective will earn 19 units rather than 20 in the track and will require 35 units of general electives rather than 34 to reach 128 units total.

Contact Information

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