USC Price School of Public Policy

Continuous Enrollment

14880343648_8804fa0444_nStudents are considered to be pursuing advanced degrees only when they are formally enrolled. Students admitted to a graduate degree objective are required to be enrolled at USC for fall and spring semesters each year until all degree requirements have been satisfactorily completed within the time limit.

Master’s Students
Students who have completed all coursework and are completing the final non-course requirements of the degree (e.g., MPL internship, MPL comprehensive exam, Dollinger MRED comprehensive exam or MHA residency) need not enroll. Students pursuing the master’s thesis option of the MPA are required to enroll in Master’s Thesis (PPD 594) each fall and spring semester after coursework has been completed, and until the thesis has been completed and approved.

Doctoral Students
Doctoral students who have completed their coursework and are preparing for qualifying examinations need to maintain continuous enrollment by enrolling in Studies for the Qualifying Examination (GRSC 800). Doctoral candidates who have passed their qualifying examinations must enroll each semester in Doctoral Dissertation (794) until the dissertation has been approved.

Graduate students who fail to register are no longer considered to be enrolled in a graduate degree. After an unauthorized leave, readmission is required.

For additional information, please go to the Graduate Students page in the Requirements for Graduation section of the USC Catalogue.