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Registration Requirements for International Students

International students on student visas must be registered as full-time students as arranged by the Office for International Services and the student services advisor. Full-time study for master’s students is designated as 8 units each fall and spring semester; 6 units for doctoral students; and 12 units for undergraduate students.

Such students are not eligible to be considered students without formal registration and are in violation of immigration laws when not properly registered. Any international student having questions about registration requirements should consult the Office for International Services, Student Union Building, Room 300.

For additional information, go to the Admission of International Students page in the USC Catalogue.

Limited Student Registration for International Students Limited status enrollment does not fulfill requirements for issuing a student visa. International students (students studying or wishing to study in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa) must have the approval of the Office of International Admissions (JHH 218A) before registering for classes.