USC Price School of Public Policy

Audited Courses

Students may elect to audit courses. A separate application requesting to audit a course may be obtained from the USC Price Student Affairs Office (RGL 108) or the Registration Office (REG). Students wishing to audit a course, officially register for the course for audit (V) and are assessed the current tuition rate for the course.

Prior to auditing a course, students should first seek approval from the instructor to audit the course. If there is insufficient room in the course, students taking the course for credit have priority over students wishing to audit a course.

A course taken for audit (V) is not available for credit and will not appear on the USC transcript or grade report. Enrolling or changing to audit is a process that is not available by TouchTone telephone or web registration and must be completed during the first three weeks of the semester. This process is not reversible after the third week of the semester.

For additional information, go to the Registration page in the USC Catalogue and look under audited classes.