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Full-time Enrollment Status


Full-time Enrollment Status

A student is considered to be enrolled full time in a semester when the student has registered for eight or more units as a master’s student, six or more units as a doctoral level student, or 12 or more units as an undergraduate student. Units taken for audit do not apply to enrollment status calculation. Master’s students enrolled in four units and doctoral students enrolled in three units are considered half-time students.

All graduate assistants are classified as full-time students during the semester(s) of their appointments as long as they are enrolled for the minimum units required for their assistantship.

The university has also approved several exceptional courses which confer full-time enrollment status on the students enrolled in them. Some of these courses are:

  • Doctoral Dissertation (PPD 794)
  • Master’s Thesis (PPD 594)
  • Studies for the Qualifying Examination (GRSC 800)

For additional information, go to the Registration page in the USC Catalogue and look under enrollment status.