USC Price School of Public Policy

Intensive Semester Registration

The Intensive Semester involves a different approach to both class scheduling and to the learning process. The Intensive Semester, while spread out over the full 15-week semester, is divided into three distinct parts:

  • an approximate four week directed preparatory period of reading and concept development
  • eight full days of class, generally centered around two separate weekends (usually Thursday-Sunday), four to six weeks apart
  • an application period involving the preparation of a project or paper in which the student applies class learning to a work-related or other field situation

Class and Registration Dates
Each class has different class meeting dates; therefore, each has slightly different registration and drop/add deadlines from regular weekly classes.

Consult the USC Schedule of Classes for class dates. Unless noted, registration deadlines are the same as for weekly classes.

Some classes in Los Angeles are offered on the Intensive Semester format. All classes in Sacramento are offered on the Intensive Semester Format.

“D” Clearance
Students need to obtain “D” clearance for each intensive course. “D” clearance can be requested by completing the online request form.

Four weeks prior to the first course session, a syllabus will be e-mailed to each student through Blackboard. Usually, the syllabus identifies some readings and assignments that are to be completed prior to the first class session. Please note that syllabi will be sent to each student’s e-mail address. Information on activating USC e-mail accounts is available at the Information Technology Services Web site.