Welcome to Los Angeles

Global Gateway, Living Laboratory 

In no other city will you find such diversity of cultures, religions, businesses, and experimentation. In no other city will you find three of the nation’s top 25 universities, where scholars move groundbreaking research directly into the community. In no other city does the local look more like the global and the present more like the future.

Los Angeles — a city long known for its creativity and unbeatable weather. More recently, however, Los Angeles has embraced its increasingly important role – economically and academically – at the heart of the Pacific Rim.

At the foundation of this dynamic metropolis is innovative public policy that reflects and responds to the most complex issues of our time — issues such as sustainability, poverty and affordable housing, large-scale public infrastructure, healthcare for an aging population, and so many more. While challenges often manifest here before anywhere else, many are solved here first as well.

The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy plays a leading role in this endeavor, serving as a key institution for research and scholarship that informs policy and planning decisions affecting communities throughout Southern California, across the country, and around the world. Price School faculty and students cultivate partnerships with L.A.’s cutting-edge industries, nonprofits and philanthropic organizations, and civic leaders. They have access to sophisticated technology and methodologies, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a limitless variety of perspectives.

Students who attend USC Price have the distinct advantage of learning in this vibrant, living classroom that is L.A.

Bovard and VKC Tower at night