USC Price School Facts


(2016 – 2017 academic year)
  • Undergraduates: 602
  • Core Master’s Programs: 834
  • Executive Programs: 304
  • Joint and Certificate Programs: 18
  • PhD Programs: 48
  • Full-time Faculty: 80+
  • Part-Time Lecturers and Adjunct Faculty: 160+
  • 1 Nobel Laureate (Prof. Daniel McFadden)
  • Nearly 16,000 worldwide
Sponsored Research
(2014 — 2015 academic year)
  • $56.3 million in sponsored research

With a history spanning almost 90 years, the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy has earned a distinct reputation for excellence in creating scholarship that serves the global public good.

In 1929 the USC School of Citizenship and Public Administration opened its doors, becoming one of only two programs of this kind in America. It was by no means the multifaceted institution that stands today, but it contained seeds of a bold vision that would become the foundation for decades of progress.

In addition to a degree in public administration, the School of Citizenship and Public Administration offered classes in urban and regional planning, which eventually led to the urban and regional planning degree and school at USC. Over time, public administration formed the health administration program and the public policy program, while the urban planning school developed a real estate program.

A key milestone for the school was reached in 1998 when these various strands came together. A single, multidisciplinary entity was formed: the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development.

In November 2011, the school received a transformative $50 million naming gift from the Price Family Charitable Fund to endow and name the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. The gift honors the life of Sol Price, founder of Price Club. Known for his savvy decision-making, civic engagement, and commitment to social responsibility, the legacy of Sol Price aligns with so many of the values we strive to uphold at the USC Price School of Public Policy.