USC Price Community Service

USC Price alums proudly serve their communities in a professional capacity. And they also have a long tradition of volunteer work and philanthropy that makes those communities even stronger.  Most will tell you that this work resonates with them on many levels  — quite often, volunteers will tell us that they “get” far more than they give out of the experience.

Alumni Day of SCervice


Every spring, a large cohort of USC Price alumni and their families join thousands of volunteers in the USC Alumni Association’s Day of SCervice.  A broad spectrum of underserved Los Angeles-based organizations have benefitted from a generous offering of time and work.


2016: Libertas College Prep

Volunteers spent the day at nearby Libertas College Prep to help beautify the campus, build bookshelves, and catalogue books. Price alumni participants ranged from new grads to a Half Century Trojan!

2015: Los Angeles Elementary School

Price alumni volunteer at Los Angeles Elementary School. They worked on general maintenance projects such as landscaping and painting, and many participated in activities with young students who attend the school.

2014: Optimist Youth Home

USC Price alumni assisted with beautification and landscaping projects needed at the Optimist Youth Home and Family Services in Downtown Los Angeles.

2013: Foshay Learning Center

100 volunteers from the Price School joined other USC alumni at the Foshay Learning Center. They completed important campus beautification projects such as painting, landscaping, and spring cleaning.

2012: LA Regional Food Bank

Along with volunteers from other groups/communities, nearly 50 alumni from the Price School volunteered at the LA Regional Food Bank as part of USC Alumni Association’s Alumni Day of SCervice. Alumni helped package nearly 5,000 cases of food for families in need.