11227902834_ddafaa61e6_nAs the USC Price School of Public Policy continues to rise in rank and renown, we are proud to recognize the tradition of excellence upon which our success is built. Price alumni reflect our values in the world and demonstrate a passion for lifelong learning – something we encourage all of our students to pursue.  Your continued engagement inspires us to set our sights even higher.

The Price School’s annual homecoming events bring thousands of alumni and parents back to campus. It’s a time for celebration, recollection, and reconnecting with your classmates — we want you to join us!  Attend the football game, our tailgate, and stroll the campus that is transforming right before our eyes.

The date for Homecoming 2016 will be announced this Spring. In addition to USC Price events, the USC Alumni Association offers a number of activities your whole family will enjoy.  Click here to learn about USC Homecoming.


Click to view USC Price 2015 Homecoming Tailgate photos!

Price health administration students nationwide gather to celebrate USC homecoming