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Price PhD candidate awarded three scholarships to support research on urban mobility in Vietnam

Hue-Tam Webb Jamme – a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning and Development at the USC Price School of Public Policy – applied for three scholarships from California-based transportation organizations in hopes that she would win one to help fund field work for her dissertation. She ended up getting all three.

Lewis named 2018 USC community achievement honoree for promoting cultural competency inside classroom and beyond

As the school year came to a close, representatives from three university student organizations showed up at a class taught by USC Price School of Public Policy Professor LaVonna Lewis and announced she had been chosen as the recipient of the 2018 Student Government Community Achievement Award — in recognition of faculty who have gone above and beyond for their students.

USC Price students think globally in the Policy Analysis Practicum

Thanks to the year-long Policy Analysis Practicum, Master of Public Policy students from the USC Price School added a new line to their résumés: consultants for high-level domestic and international clients, including government agencies, municipalities, nonprofits, foundations, and more.

Price undergrads develop Thai Town revitalization plans — which are already making a difference

Before completing their time as Trojans, two USC Price seniors took time off from studying for finals to present their undergraduate class projects at a Thai Town Council meeting. For their Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies and Planning capstone, Saul Ortiz and Vanessa Vucinic took a studio course on “Inclusive Neighborhood Revitalization in Thai Town.”

Price nonprofit grad dedicated to promoting diversity in STEM fields

The start of Nannearl LeKesia Brown’s path to becoming a master’s in nonprofit student at the USC Price School was a bit unique — especially because she wasn’t looking to earn another master’s degree. Brown had just completed a Master of Engineering in the East Coast, but in doing so, was struck by how underrepresented people of color and women are in the technical fields. After much introspection, Brown came to believe that her life’s purpose was to empower women and black and brown people in STEM and business.

In Memoriam: Stan Ross, Chair Emeritus, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

This is the essence of Stan — he made everyone he touched better, both professionally and personally. Dear USC Price School and Lusk Center Family, I would like to share again some thoughts I had about Stan Ross when he moved to Chair Emeritus status last year. I think they are appropriate as we memorialize his wonderful life: Stan Ross has made my life better. I am sure there are thousands of people who would […]

More than one-fourth of CA kids don’t have enough to eat, health equity expert says

During National Minority Health Month in April, the USC Price School of Public Policy’s Initiative on Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion convened a conference on multicultural health equity from the perspectives of government, research and practice.

Kim op-ed in The Atlantic: ‘Satellite images can harm the poorest citizens’

The Atlantic published an op-ed by USC Price Associate Professor Annette Kim, director of the Spatial Analysis Lab (SLAB), on how computer analysis of satellite images for developing cities will often overlook some urban communities whose settlements are unplanned; and as a result, many of the poorest residents are harmed by inadequately distributing public services. “When smart-city institutions rely on computer algorithms to expedite their work, they can embed unintended bias into municipal operations, resulting in things like racially biased criminal sentencing, information searching, and financial access,” she wrote. By tracking informal urbanization, cities can better prepare these regions for disasters and include them within the scope of transportation and infrastructure development.