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Our undergraduate program prepares students to excel in graduate study and/or a professional career. Students learn to think analytically and innovatively, focusing on one of our five tracks — health policy and management, nonprofit and social innovation, public policy and law, real estate development, and sustainable planning.

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Urban Planning

Half of humanity now lives in cities. Every problem that we care about – economic development, environmental sustainability, social justice, and democratic governance, to name a few – play out in urban areas. Planning is an inter-disciplinary field dedicated to systematic and creative approaches to improving communities and places.

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Real Estate

Real estate developers contribute to the built environment. They turn vision into reality — actively engaging with the community and working closely with various disciplines and sectors to implement solutions.

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The USC Price School educates students to become leaders who can promote innovative solutions to today’s most critical issues, and also plan and develop better communities for all. We offer 5 professional master’s degree programs, 3 executive programs, as well as online and dual and joint master’s programs.

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Public Policy

The field of public policy, at its core, produces social change. Policy analysts inform and shape the public programs and efforts that improve life in all communities. They integrate leadership with analytical and quantitative skills to promote social and economic well-being.

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Through critical discourse and inquiry, field work, and theoretical training, USC Price Ph.D. students examine issues of governance and contribute to place-based solutions to problems that face communities everywhere.

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Leadership & Executive

We offer a professional doctorate degree, and executive master’s degrees in leadership, health administration, and international public policy and management. In addition, our short-term executive and leadership programs provide mid-level and senior managers specialized training to advance in their careers and impact society.

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Public Administration

Public administrators shape our communities and safeguard our future. They run our cities, government agencies, and nonprofits. The Price School prepares students to be leaders who will solve today’s critical social problems.

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Online Learning

We offer 2 master’s degrees (MPA and Executive MHA), as well as 2 certificate programs in an online learning format. These online programs include video conferencing, rich media, social networking, and individual communication with professors.

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The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing profound change. Access, quality, and cost of care are critical issues that affect everyone everywhere. Health administrators put the systems in place to keep facilities open and thriving, and ensure the delivery of quality services.

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