Civic Leadership Education and Research (CLEAR) Initiative

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Our Mission

The Civic Leadership Education and Research (CLEAR) Initiative exhibits a research and education profile focused on public and nonprofit sector employment, which represents a significant proportion of the national labor economy. CLEAR will be dedicated to understanding and developing the talent needs of the civic leadership workforce for the 21st century.

The Center’s goals are to pursue this mission through research and education.


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Conduct large-N analysis on public and nonprofit labor markets focused on exploring activities related to leading inter-sector and inter-institutional relations, understanding public and nonprofit workforce dynamics, and developing civic leadership for the next generation.

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Serve as a producer, broker, and supplier of public domain data on public and nonprofit labor markets.

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Provide leadership in promoting, facilitating, and establishing partnerships of intellectual exchange about civic leadership and civil service among researchers and institutions, including serving as a locus for conferences, workshops, visiting society workforce dynamics across local, state, federal, and global communities researchers, and facilitating intellectual exchange about civic leadership, civil service, and civil.

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Develop programs and communications mechanisms for bringing together researchers and public officials seeking to identify and secure funding and resources to support research on these topics.

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Serve as the central communication point for Price School partnerships with local, state, federal, and global institutions with these concerns.

Current projects include…


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Develop and deliver an undergraduate cohort and degree program in Civic Leadership, intended to establish the Price School as the premier school in improving public policy and civic leadership across the world through the dissemination of cutting-edge research, teaching excellence, and institutional partnerships.

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Develop a Civic Leaders program that is a cohort model following students from freshman year to graduation across majors, employing an “academy” archetype that houses a distinct set of elective curriculum and extra-curricular offerings intended to develop future civic leaders.

USC’s “On the Rhine” Overseas Program: Public Policy and Administration in the European Union, Germany, and the United States

Publicly Available Data

For more information on these data and for any general use or publication, please contact [email protected].

About the Director

William Resh

William G. Reshis an associate professor at the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy where he holds the C.C. Crawford Professorship in Management and Performance. He earned his doctoral degree at the American University’s School of Public Affairs in 2011. Prior to attaining tenure at USC, Dr. Resh was a tenure-track assistant professor in public management at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs from 2011 to 2014 and at USC from 2014-2017.