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Ali E. AbbasProfessor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Public PolicyDecision analysis, risk analysis, multi-attribute utility theory, information theory, Bayesian analysis, and data-based decision making
Lorraine Aguilar in black and whiteLorraine AguilarLocal Leaders Academy PresenterCommunicating with Difficult People
Terry L. CooperProfessor Emeritus of Public PolicyAdministrative ethics, administrative theory, citizen participation, neighborhood organizations, role of citizens
Paul Danczyk headshotPaul DanczykDirector of Executive Education in Sacramento
Local Leaders Academy Presenter
Structured Program Overview, Focused Program Goals, Concentrated Program Reflections
Daryl Dixon headshotDaryl DixonLocal Leaders Academy PresenterSocial Awareness and Managing Diversity
Laree Kiely headshotLaree KielyLocal Leaders Academy PresenterReadiness and Resilience
David Landis headshot in black and whiteDavid LandisLocal Leaders Academy PresenterProblem Solving
Juliet Ann MussoAssociate Professor
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Federalism, urban political economy, fiscal policy, community governance, neighborhood organizations
Mindy RomeroResearch Assistant ProfessorPolitical sociology, voting rights and electoral participation, latino political behavior, collective political behavior, youth civic engagement, identity and political movements, social stratification, new technologies and civic engagement
Joanne Speers headshotJoAnne SpeersLocal Leaders Academy PresenterPublic Confidence in Government
Craig Steele headshotCraig SteeleLocal Leaders Academy PresenterMeeting Management
Frank V. ZerunyanProfessor of the Practice of Governance
Director, Executive Education
Director of ROTC Programs
Local Governments, Administrative Law, Public Private Partnerships, Leadership, Negotiation, and Executive Education