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The AFWERX FUSION XPERIENCE is a two-day showcase and conference hosted by AFWERX in collaboration with the United States Air Force. This annual flagship event brings together industry, individual innovators, academia, investors, as well as, military and government team members. The goal of this event is to present, contract, and fund innovative solutions for Air Force areas of interest and  facilitate an environment of connection and collaboration.

The AFWERX FUSION XPERIENCE 2019 is centered around Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), one of the top focus areas of the Air Force and across the Department of Defense, it will be held at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 23-24. Approximately 80 teams will present their innovative solutions as part of an open showcase to attendees, including top Air Force leadership and other military decision makers and operators. Concurrently, there will be live demos, keynote speakers, and panel discussions. This event is intended to be collaborative through the open and transparent nature of this event. Complementary breakfast and lunch will be provided as an opportunity for everyone to network and engage with each other. Additionally, AFWERX will be hosting a social on the evening of the 23rd.

The Miscreation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

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Doheny Memorial Library (DML) (Map)
Treasure Room

Two hundred years ago, on a dark and stormy night in Switzerland, a group of young English intellectuals challenged one another to invent a frightening story.

Eighteen-year-old Mary Shelley—the daughter of political philosopher William Godwin and pioneering feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft—devised the most horrific tale, which in its many forms forever altered and continually haunts the landscape of literature and popular imagination.

Considered among the first sci-fi stories in the form of a novel, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus, documents the consequences of Victor Frankenstein’s quest to assemble from corpses and reanimate a creature of his own design.

On display here are illustrated versions of the novel, several representations of the many new creations, re-creations, and miscreations of Frankenstein’s creature that followed the original, and examples of the scientific and literary works that inspired Shelley. 

To celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of Frankenstein’s publication, the USC Libraries are partnering with Visions & Voices and schools across campus for a live, multimedia performance on April 4 at 7:30 p.m. on the front steps of Doheny Memorial Library. Find more information about the event at: libraries.usc.edu/frankenstein.


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Recreational Sports (Map)

This is a wonderful summer program for your youth to participate in.

Trojan Kids Camp focuses on the Health and Wellness of our youth.  Each participant will engage in all the sports and academic components of the program.

Just to name a few we have fun with dance, martial arts, swimming, volleyball, tennis, football, soccer, math/science and English/nutrition as it relates to the fun world of sports.  We offer an AM Snack and Lunch along with Field Trips.

People can stop by our office or go to the following website - and download the application and bring it into our office. 

Due to the recent Measles breakout, we are NOW requiring

* Proof of vaccinations card*  

If your child has meal restrictions we now require a - Special Meals form signed off by your child’s doctor.  These additional forms can be picked up from our office.

Your young person will have an awesome time with our program.  Please share this information with everyone you know.  Yes, we still have room available.   The ages are 9-15 for both boys and girls.  T

he cost for the program is $375.00 and it runs from July 1 – 26, 2019 (NO sessions on July 4 & 5 as it is a university holiday).

For more information, please contact brass@usc.edu or call 213-740-9252.

Jump Start Your International Job Search with GoinGlobal

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online (Map)

Interested in finding a job or internship across town or around the world?

Learn how to connect your career objectives with hiring opportunities by identifying key employers and industry contacts for informational interviews and professional networking. 

Get a realistic understanding of work permit and visa requirements, financial considerations and other prime factors critical to career success in a new location. 

Identify American employers seeking to hire international professionals for their U.S. operations through H-1B visa petitions - and learn how to connect this information to current job opportunities. 

RSVP today - https://online.goinglobal.com/training/students-alumni